In January 2017, by the summer, Free-Dem Foundations, Inc. was officially established and formally registered as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Free-Dem Foundations was founded by Robert Jones, Jerome Morgan and Daniel Rideau, who are experienced experts in preventing urban-community failure, and activists for the impoverished youth communities in the Greater New Orleans area. Jones was exonerated of several horrible crimes he didn’t commit after 23 1/2 years on a sentence to die in Angola Prison (LSP). Morgan was exonerated of a crime of murder on a 16 year old, after 20 years on a sentence to die in Angola Prison. Rideau was released of a manslaughter conviction, after 9 years served on a sentence to die in Angola Prison. All three men are co-authors of a book they wrote together, entitled “Unbreakable Resolve:Triumphant Stories of 3 True Gentlemen” (UR:TS3TG)

Morgan, Jones, and Rideau envisioned plans for Free-Dem Foundations while they were incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison at Angola serving life sentences. While imprisoned, the founders vastly educated themselves in several college-level subjects with a focus on the study of education, human behavior, business, injustice and communications. They also created and facilitated various self-help programs. After being released, the founders have since obtained experience in trauma care and conducting restorative healing circles.

Since the inception of the organization, hundreds of disregarded youth, and their families, have been mentored and advocated for through the services of Free-Dem Foundations. A majority of our participants succeeded with a positive transition after completing Free-Dem Foundations programming.


The mission of Free-Dem Foundations, Inc. is to help our disregarded youth make a successful transition from childhood to adulthood. 

We engage our youth through community-based education, mentorship, technical and Business development programs to cultivate life skills and strengthen ties with the community.


We envision impoverished communities revitalized by the disregarded youth as the future community leaders. 


Our organization is built on three values that govern everything that we do.

  1. Respect women, children & elders at ALL times.
  2. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. Pay it forward or Give back to your community.